What is the FLIP-IN Hair Extension?

What is the FLIP-IN Hair Extension? This is a brand new innovation in the Hair Extension Industry. FLIP IN HAIR EXTENSION products are now available from Hair Extension Shop! No Clips, No Glue, No Weave! FLIP IN HAIR is the revolutionary. This is a new alternative HAIR EXTENSION. This can offer you instant transformation to thicker, longer hair with the aid of a transparent miracle wire which is undetectably hidden under your own hair. Quite simple and easy. It takes only minutes to apply and remove: Simply place the flip in wire on your head. Pull your own hair through over the wire. You will find it rests perfectly on your head and blends naturally with your own hair. With the aid of the adjustable transparent wire, the flip in can fit any head shape or size perfectly.

New Hair Extension for Everyone

Now worn by thousands of women around the world, Flip-In Hair is a brilliant hair extension piece which offers an innovative alternative to achieving longer, thicker hair in minutes — without damaging the hair in any way, with no gluing, clipping or weaving. If you want to buy a new FLIP IN Hair Extension just visit on our Hair Extension Shop.

Flip In Hair Extension Wholesale

If you would like to like to be our partner and purchase a higher volume of Hair Extension Products, please feel free contact us any time. Please advise your contact details and what sector you would like to sell our products in. Please also advise the volume you would like to buy and we will prepare the best quote for you. The Hair Extension Shop Europe delivers Hair Extension Products to all European countries through both Wholesaler and Retailer Channels.

If you want to become our partner, or just want to try our Hair Extension Products please contact us. The GV SOLUTIONS EXIM Ltd. will provide you the best service.