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Weft Hair Extension in the Hair Extension Shop’s selection. Within the Weft Hair Extension we have two different category. You can find the cheaper Remy Weft Hair Extension and we offer Premium Virgin Weft Hair as well. The Hair Extension Shop is especially proud of our Premium Virgin Hair we offer. Our Premium Virgin Hair is very popular in many countries. You can use for many years and you can dry and dye with proper care. That is why we offer our great quality Premium Virgin Hair.

What is the Weft Hair Extension?

There is another name of the Weft Hair Extension which is the Machine Weft. This is a long piece of hair extensions which is sewn together. This is then cut up into sections to fit a person’s head. It is sewn to a braid which is done by a professional hairdresser and several rows are added until the desired thickness is achieved.

There are also more modern versions of weft hair extensions, such as micro bead weft which is the same concept as the machine weft except there are silicon micro beads sewn on to the weft line every couple of centimeters. In this case we do not saw hair instead we use the I-TIP technology.

Another method is skin weft which is completely different, it comes from tape hair extensions family and basically is 4 centimeter pieces and looks as though hair is growing from the tape. This method is excellent for people with very thin hair or anyone who is quite cautious of people recognizing that they’re wearing hair extensions.(I want to learn more about the Weft Hair Hair Extension)

Human Weft Hair Extensions are a popular and effective way of achieving longer fuller hair. Typically glued (U-TIP HAIR EXTENSION), sown or MICRO RING HAIR EXTENSION in, WEFT HAIR EXTENSIONS are a versatile way of achieving a more permanent application than the CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSION, but a cheaper alternative to the individual bonds.