U-Tip Hair Extension is hair strands with a U-shaped tip made of artificial keratin (glue). They are attached with the bonding method of melting the glue and fusing it with your original hair. Must be worn constantly for several weeks. U-TIP or NAIL TIP should be very comfortable to wear. As with all hair extension methods, a settling period is usually required for the first few days whilst your scalp adjusts to the hair extensions. Which can result in tenderness and mild itching, however this should subside within a day or so. This is only likely to affect those with a sensitive scalp. You need to find a good Hair Extension Saloon and you you have to find a proper Hair Extension of course. This is a very popular method of fitting but there are some better and more popular method. For instance I-Tip or Micro Ring Hair Extension.

U-TIP (nail) hair extension 16inch - 40cm

U-TIP (nail) hair extension 20inch - 50cm

U-TIP (nail) hair extension 24inch - 60cm

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