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I-Tip Hair Extension is also known as Micro Ring, Shoelace Tip, Flash Point, Cold Fusion and Stick Hair Extension. Applied using a cold fusion method, these stick/I-tip hair extensions are built to last and won’t tangle. Like all Hair Extension Shop Remy Hair Extensions, the stick or I-Tip Hair Extension Style uses double drawn hair, which produces thick ends and extra volume. You can find two different quality I-Tip Hair Extensions. We have Remy I-Tip Hair Extension, which is cheaper but also good quality. The Remy Micro Ring Hair Extension Life Time shorter than the Premium Quality Hair Extension. If you want the best hair you should choose the Premium Virgin Micro Ring Hair Extension. You can wear our Premium Hair Extension for over a year with proper care.

Let is Talk about the I-TIP / Micro Ring Hair Extension

As this Great Hair Extension method involves no heat or glue. They are considered one of the safest forms of hair extensions currently available on the market.  When fitted correctly, stick tip/i-tip/micro ring should cause no damage to the natural hair. Is this Micro Ring Hair Extension Comfortable? Yes, when fitted they are a comfortable form of hair extension fitting. Having said this however, many do notice some slight tenderness during the first few days of their fitting whilst their scalp is adjusting, however this is deemed perfectly normal and should ease off within a matter of days. If you have had hair extensions fitted and have found them to be uncomfortable for longer than a few days it would be worth contacting your fitter for an assessment to check your scalp and help you improve this so that you can enjoy your hair extensions. More about the I-TIP Hair.

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