Hair Extension Wholesale

Hair Extension Wholesale for you if You are looking for reliable supplier with predictable quality for competitive price. We are constantly searching for new Hair Extension Distributor Partners, such as Hair Extension Salons, Hairdresser Accessory Shops, other Shops where sell Hair Extension Products. Our Company provides the best prices, stable quality, fast delivery for our partners. We are happy to send our Hair Extension Products anywhere within the European Union. Please let us know what kind of Hair Extension you need.

We provides you two different qualities. Our Remy Hair Extensions are cheaper but good quality of course. Our Premium Virgin Hair represents The High Quality Hair Extension. You can use our Premium Hair over a year with proper care. At our Hair Extension range you can see hair extensions that we have tested for a long time and put them into categories based on the results of these tests. That is why it is impossible to buy poor quality hair at a high price from our shop. This is the reason why we distinguish hair extensions of the same type but of different categories at our Hair Extension Webshop.

If you would like to like to be our partner and purchase a higher volume of Hair Extension Products, please feel free contact us any time. Please advise your contact details and what sector you would like to sell our products in. Please also advise the volume you would like to buy and we will prepare the best quote for you. The Hair Extension Shop Europe delivers Hair Extension Products to all European countries through both Wholesaler and Retailer Channels.

If you want to become our partner, or just want to try our Hair Extension Products please contact us. The GV SOLUTIONS EXIM Ltd. will provide you the best service.