Virgin I-TIP Hair Extension Golden Blonde (60cm – #16)


I-TIP Premium Hair Extension Golden Blonde 20inch

I-TIP Premium Hair Extension Golden Blonde 24inch in the Hair Extension Shop. ITIP Hair Extensions (also known as Micro Ring. Micro Bead or Micro Loop extensions) are perfect if you’re looking for a more long-term solution to lengthen your hair. Golden Blonde Hair Extension is another gold bond alternative. which is also one of the most popular hair colors in Sweden. Blond hair that is similar in color to that of a honey and light ashes. This Hair Extension is Premium Quality with natural process. I-TIP Premium Virgin Hair Extension Golden Blonde 24inch (50cm) is top quality Hair Extension. it  can be styled however you wish be that curly or straight! These Micro Ring Hair Extensions are quick and easy to apply. Strand by strand. a micro loop extension is applied to a similar sized piece of your own hair around 1cm away from the scalp. Tiny. silicone lined aluminium rings hold the extensions securely in place. without the need for any harsh glues or chemicals. If you are looking for a great Brown hair this I-TIP Premium Hair Extension Golden Blonde 24inch could be your choice.

What is the I-TIP Hair Extension?

What is the I-TIP Hair Extension? Here are the basics about the I-Tip hair extensions. This kind of Hair Extension also known as Micro Ring. Shoelace Tip. Flash Point. Cold Fusion and Stick Hair Extension. We offer you two different quality of I-TIP Hair Extension. The Remy Micro Ring Hair ExtensionLife Time shorter than the Premium Quality Hair Extension. If you want the best hair you should choose the Premium Virgin Micro Ring Hair Extension. You can wear our Premium Hair Extension for over a year with proper care. If You want to learn more about the I-TIP Hair Extension just follow this link: What is the I-Tip Hair Extension?

Hair Extension Shop Premium Virgin Hair

Our Premium Virgin Hair is one of the most popular Hair Extension of hair weave and extensions in the market. We have customers everywhere in the EU. Our Premium Virgin Hair becomes popular for a number of reasons. The hair quality is better than any other hair type. The strands are tangle free. and shedding is a rare case. You can even use virgin hair for several installations. Moreover. the authentic virgin hair comes chemically untreated. so you can easily color and style it. Virgin hair offers a luxuriously soft. low maintenance install that will last 12-18 months with proper care. This texture blends seamlessly with most hair types and can be colored. straightened and restyled easily. You can find two different type of Premium Virgin Hair in the Hair Extension Shop. There is the Weft Premium Virgin Hair which is 100g per bundle. And we have Premium I-TIP Human Hair Extension as well which is 100g per bundle. You do not have to be afraid if one bundle will not be enough. You can order more Premium Virgin Hair anytime because the Hair Extension Shop Provides You the Best Price in the Market.

Hair Extension Wholesale 

We are constantly searching for new Hair Extension Distributor Partners. such as Hair Extension Salons. Hairdresser Accessory Shops. other Shops where sell Hair Extension Products. Our Company provides the best prices. stable quality. fast delivery for our partners. We are happy to send our Hair Extension Products anywhere within the European Union. We can provide you very competitive price for our all products from the Hair Extension Webshop. Please let us know what kind of Hair Extension you need. (If you are interested in our Wholesale prices please Visit on our Wholesale page and contact us)

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