FLIP-IN Hair Extension Ash Blonde 60cm – #24


FLIP-IN Hair Extension Ash Blonde 60cm – #24

FLIP-IN Hair Extension Ash Blonde 24Inch is now available from Hair Extension Shop! We are super-excited about these products. Incredibly easy to fit and remove. they are the perfect way to get temporarily longer and thicker hair. They cause absolutely no damage what-so-ever. are cuticle aligned making them tangle free and are made from 100% human hair. No clips. no glue. no weaving. Flip in Hair is the damage-free way to wear Hair Extensions. FLIP-IN Hair Extension takes less than one minute to fit and literally one second to remove. The great advantage with FLIP-IN Hair Extension is that unlike traditional hair extension systems. you don’t need to spend hours having your new hair fitted. FLIP-IN Hair Extension Ash Blonde 24Inch is 60cm (110g) and beautiful black color. A really popular blond hair color among majority of the women and a great #613 alternative.

What is the FLIP-IN Hair Extension?

A brand new innovation in the Hair Extension Industry. FLIP IN HAIR EXTENSION products are now available from Hair Extension Shop! No Clips. No Glue. No Weave! FLIP IN HAIR is the revolutionary. This is a new alternative HAIR EXTENSION. This can offer you instant transformation to thicker. longer hair with the aid of a transparent miracle wire which is undetectably hidden under your own hair. Quite simple and easy. It takes only minutes to apply and remove: Simply place the flip in wire on your head. Pull your own hair through over the wire. You will find it rests perfectly on your head and blends naturally with your own hair. With the aid of the adjustable transparent wire. the flip in can fit any head shape or size perfectly. Do you want to learn more about the FLIP IN Hair Extension? Just follow the link: FLIP IN HAIR EXTENSION

Hair Extension Shop’s Offer

The Hair Extension Shop‘s offer several different Hair Extensions. You can fin in our Hair Shop Premium Quality Virgin Hair and Cheaper but also good quality REMY Hair Extensions. Our products are very popular in Europe because we have reliable quality for competitive price. We have customers everywhere in the EU. Our Premium Virgin Hair becomes popular for a number of reasons. The hair quality is better than any other hair type. We have in our Remy Hair Extension range three four different type hair. The most popular our Clip-In Hair Extension. If you compare our Clip-In Hair Extensions with others you can see we have great prices and the quality is also amazing. Next. the two best-know categories U-TIP Hair Extensions and I-TIP or Micro Ring Hair Extensions. You can find the new Hair Extension in our shop which is the FLIP-IN Hair Extension.

Hair Extension Wholesale 

We are constantly searching for new Hair Extension Distributor Partners. such as Hair Extension Salons. Hairdresser Accessory Shops. other Shops where sell Hair Extension Products. Our Company provides the best prices. stable quality. fast delivery for our partners. We are happy to send our Hair Extension Products anywhere within the European Union. We can provide you very competitive price for our all products from the Hair Extension Webshop. Please let us know what kind of Hair Extension you need. (If you are interested in our Wholesale prices please Visit on our Wholesale page and contact us)

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