FLIP IN Hair Extension products are now available from Hair Extension Shop! Incredibly easy to fit and remove, they are the perfect way to get temporarily longer and thicker hair. They cause absolutely no damage what-so-ever, are cuticle aligned making them tangle free and are made from 100% human hair. So simple to fit, there is no fiddling with bulky snap clips or glue, they simply attach with an almost invisible wire and can literally be fitted in 1 minute! You just place the wire behind the hair line. Fit just over the ears and sitting at the base of the skull. Then use a tail comb to pull your own hair over the Flip-In hair. Flip-In hair is a great solution if you have very fine or damaged hair. The Clip In Hair Extension also popular but the FLIP IN HAIR EXTENSION is maybe more comfortable. (I want to learn more about the FLIP IN Hair Hair Extension)