Company Address: 35 Cloyne Meadows, Cloyne, Co. Cork, Ireland

Email Address: office.order / @ / hairextensionshop . ie

Phone Number: +353 / 87 / 394 42 77

Registration Number: 593916

VAT: IE3445225MH

We started our business activities in Ireland in 2015. At first we were looking for products produced and sold in Ireland that could do great in the markets of other countries as well. At the same time we have been searching for products that are already popular in other countries and could be a great opportunity in certain market segments.  In the past few years we managed to find several great products produced in Ireland or sold with great success across Ireland as well as in other markets – especially in Hungary and a few East European countries – we managed to launch these products in the markets. GV Solutions EXIM Limited has been constantly monitoring the sales of these products in a certain market segment and manages the sales activities. This includes (including) the setting up and managing of commercial and marketing activities

Thanks to our business partners in the Eastern European markets we can sell our products widely and can find new sales channels or sell the products through our already existing channels. With the support of our wide (extensive) partner network we can quickly adjust to (adapt) the change of market circumstances and requirements, which is essential nowadays. All these are provided by our own web designer team, online commercial experts as well as the marketing staff. As a result, we can manage and look after our products in the Irish and other countries in a very efficient way.

Some of our well-known products in Ireland that GV Solutions EXIM Limited launched or started the launch in other European Country:

  • Wide range Hair Extension Products. (Remy Hair Extensions, Premium Quality Hair Extension)
  • WaterWipes Baby Wipes (we have the exclusive sales rights for Hungary)
  • WaterWipes Facial Wipes (we have the exclusive sales rights for Hungary)
  • Organic products
  • Protein products
  • FULFIL Protein Bar (we have the exclusive sales rights for Hungary)
  • Wide Range Perfume Products

As a matter of course our company has been launching several popular products and product lines which are either novelties or already well-known in other countries and similar products cannot be found in the Irish market currently.

We are operating in the following  market sectors in Ireland currently:

  • Hair Extension Sales activity (Retail and Wholesale Channels)
  • Healthy and organic products, food and cosmetic goods
  • FMCG sector (Cosmetic and food products)
  • Beauty products (Natural hair and hair care products)

We sell the products of these countries, for instance:

  • Eastern European Countries
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka
  • The USA
  • Holland
  • Germany
  • Italy

In addition to this non exhaustive list of examples, the brands that we sell are:

  • NaturalHair High Quality Hair Extension Products
  • Sherley May Perfume
  • Creation Lamis Perfume
  • Healthy People
  • COCO’s Organic
  • Tropical
  • Paul’s Finest Bio Quinoa
  • Biopont Organic
  • All I Need
  • Cuba Perfume

Our executive partners are:

  • Irish Breeze Ltd
  • FulFil Nutrition
  • Kellogg’s Ireland
  • SuperValu
  • E J Bodkin & Company Limited

GV Solutions EXIM Limited is providing product searching activities for its partners. The company is looking for products to launch in certain markets in a personalized way according to the needs and requirements of our clients. Our main areas are Asian  region (China, Vietnam, Thailand), East Europe region (Hungary, Slovakia, Poland) where our company operates with high confidence and can provide complete product management for its customers. In the coming years we would like to extend our business activities to fulfil the requirements of our customers.To us the managing of high quality products is not only our job but also our mission. We always strive for fast and precise services to place confidence in our customers.

We trust that we have gained your confidence with our brief description and we will have a fruitful cooperation with your company shortly.